Is another Isekai Anime about some dweeb who gets reincarnated into a fantasy world with videogame mechanics and is OP...

>Is another Isekai Anime about some dweeb who gets reincarnated into a fantasy world with videogame mechanics and is OP because of his knowing shit about the modern world and/or was chosen by God
God damn when will this fucking cliche end?! Anytime I look for a new Anime to watch I have to filter so much Isekai trash.

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Sounds like you just suck at finding stuff.

it's hard to find good fantasy shit these days because of isekai

Go watch some other overrated secondary-bait anime like Jojo instead of seasonal isekai then?

Already read JoJo years ago m8. It's just I'm looking for random anime online and there's so much Isekai trash. It's always the same 12 episode Isekai based on a LN with piss poor production values, stilted animation with barely any frames with content so generic that you will forget about it in a week.

yeah fuck isekai, legitimately half the shit airing this season is isekai, I don't think I've ever seen a season with more isekai than this one.

sick of filtering ESL threads

>he read it without dropping it
No wonder you have such shit taste.

>isekai haters are ESLs

wanting to have a harem with tons of women and be chosen by God is the epitome of asian and 3rd worlder fantasy because they don't know what humility is

>wh*tes are escapist beta cucks
Yikes sweaty, not a good look

I love isekai

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>every monarch in Europe declared that he was chosen by God

It's not that my skin is thick.
It's just that I've long thrown out of my mind all those mundane concepts of urban and school settings.
They all call me part of the "shameless power-fantasy" isekai audience, but they can't do anything about these "shameless power-fantasy" isekai works either.
Whereas you people who hold yourselves the "true anime fans" have all been defeated by isekai.
If the price of being a "true anime fan" is to have one's favorite works ridiculed, ignored, flop, or even axed, I'd rather be part of the "shameless power-fantasy" isekai audience who can still have fun with fiction and actually enjoy it.
The greatest hack author has always resembled a literary expert and the shittiest main-stream-fiction plot-twist come across as KINO. Breathtaking fiction and garbage writing, cannot be discerned by their tropes.
Perhaps in the past you decided wrongly about isekai works, and perhaps today you misjudged them too, however, they remain here. Their authors have never cared about you disliking them.
Brother user, examine your heart and tell me: Have i spoken truly?
Also SAO isn't isekai.

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Isekai lives rent-free in your mind and you can't do anything about it.

Nigga I aint reading that.

but you'll bump the thread?

There's not that many of those type of modern fantasy isekai anime. Something like 70 or 80 series by now? In ten years? That's nothing. I've pretty much seen them all. I watch a lot of anime (usually over 20 every season) and isekai shows, despite all their glaring flaws, are typically the most fun or tolerable of the bunch. That's even more noticeable this season. What else is better? Made in Abyss? Decent adaptation but Golden City is the worst arc in the manga. Shadows House is also okay. That's kind of it. Overlord and Isekai Ojisan are carrying this season.

How about you let Truck-kun hit you and see if you end up Isekai'd you dumb bitch.

What's your point?

This is a hate crime against a certain mexican. Also is this a rec thread?