I’m a /lit/ fag and I don’t really watch a lot of anime

I’m a /lit/ fag and I don’t really watch a lot of anime.

Recently however I heard about Bungo Stray Dogs where one of the characters is a direct reference to my favourite author.

So is Bungo Stray Dogs worth watching and is it enjoyable for someone who isn’t normally into anime?

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>I don’t really watch a lot of anime.
>who isn’t normally into anime

>You guys think I would enjoy this anime?

Fuck off Felix

I enjoy anime, I’m just not into the culture around it or really aware of anything besides really popular ones.

Anime adaptions of Natsume Souseki stories are quite good.
I liked the "bocchan" one and "i am a cat"

Edogawa Ranpo's stories also have some nice manga adaptations (the caterpillar)

Japanese culture is such a rabbit hole.

Just watch the damn show. If you don't like it, drop it. Not fucking hard. You'll waste more time here trying to figure out if it is worth it or not.

Getting peer approval to watch it here is meaningless, we're all anons.

It's incredibly mediocre. It might be somewhat entertaining to watch simply for the novelty of all the lit references, but it's not a very good story in its own right. The characters are also all gay and suck too. Dostoevsky was cool though

not really
you'll enjoy aoi bungaku though

You are better off with something like Boy's Abyss

Just watch Chainsaw Man when it comes out, man

Not for men.

You cannot trust this piece of shit board for any opinion really. They cannot see past the animation and don't understand any kind of metaphor, analogy or similitude. Their brain can't work with abstract concepts and a book is like a cypher to them. Just try the first episode

i went into bungou stray dogs because i heard my favourite writer was the main character
i liked it; it was cool i guess

It's shit, unless you like the idea of shonen (anime's capeshit) tropes but branded with famous authors. But if you are the pretentious kind who overanalyzes Ready Player One and such trash you may fit right in with some tards here like

so instead of using 20 minutes to figure it out you rather waste hours at a time asking someone who you don't know if it's trolling to make a decision for you?

Fucking nigger I'm talking about real books not hollyjewed feces
How come that anyone who puts in more effort than you is a tryhard or pretentious? Find a better cope retard even if that's pretty hard for your double digit iq

imagine taking pride in being able to interpret an art piece someone else made

Imagine taking pride in admitting of being unable to do so. It's the step that comes after reading comprehension you 3rd worlder

Don't expect anything more substantial than trite name-dropping and references in anime. This is an industry mostly funded and financed by merchandise and media sold, there's very intellectualism going on.

Are you okay with your favorite author being turned into a cute anime boy?

lurk two years before posting

Because you're in a thread about a trashy anim, stupid, no one's asking about anime or books in general