Rin is going to show you a good time

Rin is going to show you a good time.

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for a price?

she better does

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>posting a Rin thread when there's already an [email protected] CG thread.
Knew you were newfag cancer.

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Rin surpasses such labels

And you're an idiot.

You lack objectivity

I'm sorry Rin, I don't have enough noney to buy your service this week.

And you don't know English. Of course.

Those fishnets look like a pain to get on.

>Rin will Show me good Time?
Wario Will show you Good Time!

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Please be gentle.

You need to consult a dictionary before trying to be clever.

the whole idol gig didn't work out, huh

>deremas was 11 years ago
>rin is now a 26 yr old cake

Why does she keep sitting on my desk?

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Because it's your desk.

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She likes my desk?

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How strange.

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