Delicious Party Precure

I'm starting to think we won't get a beach episode this year.

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anime is just jap cartoons for manchildren and reddit trannies


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>AT LEAST another 13 episodes until Amane kills Narcistoru
wtf are the writers thinking?

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Love sweats a lot after every battle

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I will never give up hope. Just like I won't give up on there being a Halloween and Christmas episode.

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No big pictures of this...

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Don-don! Toru-toru! Bundoru!

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They just needed a little more time to properly develop their relationship! The tragic breakup won't hit properly without it

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Stick to 'em~degowasu! Motto Ubauzou!

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macaron wife

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Forever lovely is okay but I'm not too much of a fan of their innocent forms.

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Why is fortune staring straight at me?

delicious party

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That's too intense for a virgin boy like me.

That looks really sticky. She'd probably get an infection and would need a shower.

Amane would never do this.

I will marry a Precure

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I said I'd make the WEBM if nobody else did, so here it is.

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Can you edit it so she's enjoying it so I don't feel like I walked in on her doing this in private and now she wants to kill herself

you wouldn't poop on a precure

Thank you

I like how the butt is drawn on this

The tradition...continues?

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cure butthole

The teasing of Amane continues.

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Country grown vegetables…