Snail is better than Snake.

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And Crab is better than all of them.

You misspelled doll

I love math

Everyone is better than snake, snake being worst girl
Literally no chemistry and her best arc was carried by Kaiki

>legal and of age
Funny but best girl is still Bat.

Indubitably. Snail is the only reason I would the show.

I hate these shit "memes"

butthurt snekfag

I like them all


The worst Mongatari girl clears 90% of anime girls

Of course she is, fourth graders are literally the best

Her chemistry is being a sexy thirsty jc.

>my first gf was a sexy thirsty jc when I was 22
God, I need another one of those

what qualities does snake have other than you want to fuck her?

Kill yourself, Any Forumsedditor.

You're no better than OP.

I found this meme on Any Forums years ago, I have never been to reddit but you seem very familiar with it, perhaps you are from there?

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Snail is a fith grader


What is this Veddit place you speak of?

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