Are anime directed/scripted by women also meant for women/girls?

Are anime directed/scripted by women also meant for women/girls?

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Probably most are, but Beastars was published in a shounen magazine, so it was meant for boys.

But they do not write like men, you can clearly see it. They have another sensibility. Look at dorohedoro or beastars


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And? If males still pick it up then it's irrelevant.

At least Beastars was unique. scrote anime is all generator-esque formulaic self insertion fantasy. It's not even good as pornography because you're jacking to some other guy's fantasy of his perfect waifu harem route.

>This anime teaches us all an important lesson: If you're going to get drunk, do it after you finish episode 12, not episode 9.

I think thats up to the individual to decide. Next question.

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Can you imagine a woman making an anime like Texhnolyze or Lain?

Also it doesnt work the other way around, indeed I am convinced that all Shinkai's movies are made for girls

Shinkai's audience is pretty much 50/50. And definitely not made for girls lol. Just look at how many male-oriented fetishes in his last 3 films.

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Not necessarily, but it may find unexpected success with girls despite being originally targeted at men. K-ON comes to mind, I think it was even reaired at an earlier timeslot afterwards.

Depends, if the women writing is targeting females or a wider audience. It can unintentionally target women only by being abrasive and unwatchable by men, or unintentionally attract men (like MLP did a decade ago). Or it succeeds in targeting women only by being BL.

Anime is written by old, crusty, creepy Japanese men with tiny penises, you don't know what girls are like because you never speak to them.

beastars was loved by guys who wanted to rape the rabbit and women who wanted to be raped by the wolf

So? Women have another sensibility in their writing, so it's not for men? I don't really get your point. And to be clear, dorohedoro was so fucked that i thought that Q Hayashida was a man until now

What? it's literally a girl story. Literally no one wants to rape anyone. Girls are stronger than men and much more muscular. It's cleary made with a girly target


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female director
female screenwriter
female character designer
female composer

Precure's first new attempt was screwed

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This, some of the most acclaimed shonen mangaka are women. FMA and Inuyasha and Ranma are the ones that immediately come to mind. The former is considered by many to be the best anime /manga of all time. The latter two are written by the richest mangaka, whose written nothing but hits(urusei yatsura and Maison ikkoku were also successful). Even today, while it's underrated by the west, the only shonen that hasn't disappointed it's fans 200+ chapters in is written by a woman.