Why are fairytale-style anime so hard to do well? They're either sleep inducing or absolute masterpieces

Why are fairytale-style anime so hard to do well? They're either sleep inducing or absolute masterpieces

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I don't know give 5 examples of masterpieces not including the OP

fairy tail
fairy tail
fairy tail
fairy tail
fairy tail
honorable mention fairy tail

The adaption? of this was great. No dialog, just nice animation.

they're even more boring than actual fairytale/folktale daptations. also, too far up their own asses for some reason. the usual "author not knowing their own limits" because mangaka often can only draw well, not write well

It's easier to criticize classics than join them. Hence the obsession nowadays with "subversion".

The promised neverland but only the first season.

The magus bride put me to sleep after the first episode

I think that was the point. It's comfy wish-fufilment.

>le spooky monster man is raising a little girl

needs good animation/visuals honestly

bad visuals can set it back

The one you posted is average at best, the reason why they're mostly shit is the same reason why netflix live action adaptation of anime are shit, "fairy tales" are just euro folk tales aimed at children, japs are not raised on these tales so most fairy tale manga are just them adapting another culture tropes into the medium they know best, the same thing netflix does

Would you rather have the spooky man fucking the little girl?

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first arc of this was ok but turned to dogshit when it decided to become harry potter
also got pozzed af

It was cottagecore: the anime

>Oh cool, a little girl. I better be near 24/7 her and kill her accidentally by my instant death touch
>Oh nevermind, she already cursed though she showing 0 symptoms and probably just made it up due to her suppressed PTST
>Better throw her in a lake lmao
>Cool, i can turn girls into flowers
>Fuck that shit, I'm going home now
I watched this twice but still can't make sense of it

they cut it down a good bit from the manga so its not at all as coherent or fleshed out as it all was meant to be.

made by mucknagabe, homie draws yaoi as his bread and butter

I was super surprised to find this near me. Unfortunately it was only the 2nd volume and I don't think I'll have as much luck with the others but it was first print which was a big bonus.

The OVA was all visuals and no substance. The manga is way, waaaaaay better.

how much do people really care about getting first prints of manga anyways?

it doesn't reallhincrease the value of your collection at all, though if you're selling secondhand things like all first print and obi attached make your listing more attractive. otherwise it's just another goal to aim for in your collection. I never turn down a buy because it's not first print, but it can make me prioritize it over others if I see it is first print. it tends to factor in more for popular series which receive dozens of prints compared to something like this though which tend to receive only a few.