Lycoris Recoil

>show is called Lycoris Recoil
>production committee is named Spider Lily (after the Lycoris flower)
>the girls are called Lycorises
>the Lycoris (red spider lily) is associated with death and goodbyes
>"Red spider lilies are bright summer flowers native throughout Asia. They are associated with final goodbyes, and legend has it that these flowers grow wherever people part ways for good."
This does not bode well for Chisato does it?

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would be based if they kill her off, would make the anime popular and memorable

Chisato will die, but her soul will choose to go back in time, the time when she was happiest, and she will be at the start of her lycoris training. Takina who loves Chisato wants to be with her too and wants to be in a time when Chisato would love her, but since she already loves Fuki she'll go back in time before Chisato is born, and become Shinji.

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This must be the new artificial heart.

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i want to marry and impregnate the lycoris's girls.
(and give them lots of nakadashis in their clean pussies)

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Hなリコリスちゃん | へら #pixiv

Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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So now how are they going to save Chisato without making it look like an asspull?

YAOI ironically saved the franchise.

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Redpill me on this anime, I like the blonde girl but I dont like yuri

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If Chisato dies I will drop the show and never talk about it again.

Why even do the "two months left to live" plot if another artificial heart is waiting anyway?

With the power of love.
Same. She's the only reason I keep up with this. Oh, Kurumi too.

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I like seeing Chisato happy.

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Alright bros. I have read between the lines, pieced together the fantheories and BALANCED the options, and in that process I have determined how this show's going to end:

> DA assaults MajiCHAD & gang in new radio tower, Lycoris dropping like flies
> Chisato indifferent until...
> FAILkina pinned down behind cover
> Suddenly LENSFLARE-sato arrives, deja vu ensues
> After the mobs are wiped it's 1v1 Joker v Chisato
> Recognizing each other they just chill
> JOBkina briefly tries to intervene but disarmed in CQC (TROLLjima laughing)
> After discussion they realize Alan is the real villian
> Also Joker stole a 2nd artifical heart which he's about to give to Chisato
> "This will ensure... le balance"
> Comlink: "We expected your betrayal, Chisato..."
> Lilybells (yes, Lilybells) rush in targeting both Chisato & the Joker
> She & GODjima pwn the femboys of course
> Comlink: "We have other ways of-"
> Suddenly Walnut cuts in (hacked commlink)
> "Get outta there they're going to blow the building we'll meet you outside"
> Get in le lesbian 4WD vapemachine and zoom off
> The gang does a double-take as they realize Joker is in too
> "For now... my mission is the same as yours"
> Get to Alan Institute
> Mika: "Chisato... we'll put in this new heart after this, you have a bright future!"
> Shinji is waiting for them along with a hoarde of all-talents genetic Ubermenshe
> TheRealFolkBlues.mp3
> Shinji & Mika die together after 1v1
> Majima & Chisato die together facing the hoardes
> "Takina... I'm glad... you can live..."
> Alan defeated, DA head coup'd for targeting a fellow Lycoris
> Hag survives (getaway driver) but leaves the cafe in last ep to chase a man
> Walnut escapes to an unknown location as her cover was blown in the Alan hack
> JUSTkina left alone to suffer
> Closeup of doggo bag strap
> Roll credits

I think this covers the broad strokes of it

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Yaoi can't stop winning.

>the whole plot of this show is about two gay dads having a dispute over the goal of their adopted daughter

Literally WHO is the target audience of this show?

holy based

you're just now asking that after 9 eps?

Whose farts couldn't be heard anymore after this? I need to know.

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They give what they get.

Whatever, post more boobs.

Remove Majima.

then dont watch it
simple as

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It's yuribait, you are in the safe.

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I was going to watch this anime but now I'm going to put it on my avoid list

I hope that the ending will be bittersweet and impactful because I just can't see a generic happy ending making me *feel*. A properly memorable ending will make me think of the show a decade from now, while a merely okay ending, like most happy endings are, will just not make it as special.

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>Majima will save the day





Chisato will end up like the loli nun from that Key anime.

I don't see the point, the show would have flown much better without the whole "2 months left" bullshit and the backstory would have also worked without it, at the end they are just going to find another cyber heart lying on the floor and be like "lmao it was nothing", now we'll get 4 more episodes of drama instead of 4 more episodes of fun.