Noooooooooooooooo I can't

Noooooooooooooooo I can't
I don't want to see who wins
This manga started so strong it was cute and they completely ignored the debt sidestory and it was fun

Nooooooooo I miss School Rumble and The World God Only Knows and this was such a good follow up why was this so short

Attached: The Quintessential Quintuplets - Chapter 113 - 14.jpg (1066x1600, 352.57K) did your best................. WERE the best..............
Itsuki................I forgot about you for a quarter of the manga................ were the first choice.................
Yostuba....................I kneel.

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The girl who was near irrelevant had the audacity

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This is less of a
>will they won't they
manga and more of a
>harem or no harem

The only reason harem doesn't feel totally right is Itsuki, she didn't kiss him

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>my dream is to be a husband
said no man ever

>There's no next chapter
I am empty...

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>no Yotsuba becoming Raiha's big sis chapter
>no uninterupted cute date chapters
should've been 50 more chapters minimum, plenty more to enjoy.

>No what if different bride chapters
>No Dads chapters
>No childhood friends with their own cute events chapters
>No what if bad ends two parter chapters
>No Raihas first crush chapter
No more heckin ANYTHING.................................

Bokuben has taught me I don't want what if/alternate endings, I'd rather the author pick 1 and stick with it than put out 5 different ones that detract from eachother just by existing

Nino a shit.

I don't really understand this page
>Back then, I couldn't find that answer
Is this about Nino never getting over it?

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>follows the story of Nariyuki Yuiga, a high school student tasked of tutoring three female geniuses as they start to gradually develop romantic feelings for him
Thank you, picked up, I needed something to fill in the void

Back when Nino confessed to him he didn't deny her or accept her, he just ignored her. He didn't know what to say. Now he does.

Story is good, ending is meh. If you want more romcom I consider better, check out akutsu san and 100 kanojo.

>you spent our money on HOW MANY different wedding dresses? THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR OUR HOUSE DOWN PAYMENT

>Story is good
Sensei's chapters are good. The rest of the manga is crap.

I was a fumi fan, but her ending relying on her lying and interrupting another confession just soured me on her and the series overall.

She was irrelevant for a good chunk of the manga because the author tried to hide the trails too hard. And when he ended up stretching the story because it sold well, he ran dry out of ideas to pad the plot without giving away the childhood crush.

gotoubun was hot garbage

Thank you, also picked up
That makes sense
I liked Nino's stories, they tried to make Itsuki the one with the funny reactions but Nino was the one who spat out gold after gold

No doubt they were rentals

That's lame, in that they could have had a whole arc for guessing who gave the kiss under the bell, that felt forgotten. I love Ichika but her chapter didn't have to be the only one focused on who did the kiss

But Yotsuba was done well, she really was the most enthused and making a panel that states it's because she's always having fun with Futaro really polishes up her character

Part of the fun in toubun threads was the crazy theories even if some were really stupid.

Also all the GETs, shitstorms, the mysterychads being proven right, and the Yotsubros finally getting their salvation after the DESPAIR.

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