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Can you smell what the Kyan is cooking?

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Ozen has the coolest delving getup.

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I wonder what kind of look she was going for. The hat looks very Eastern and the cape makes it look like she wanted to emulate the look of a beetle or cicada.

it's kind of a "keep the rain off" look
very "stay dry" pilled

>the removed the shitting/pissing mechanic from the early versions of the game
That was the one thing I was looking forward to

I love my wife Nanachi!

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As long as there is a bust slider for the little red whistle slut I get to make as my OC character I'll be happy.

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Still looking forward to the new chapter

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Bro thinks she kung fu panda

I love my wife dead girl who got ate by a bird thing!


It's a shame Irumyuui was infertile because she certainly had the hips for childbirth.

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perfect for hiding her tears while climbing up

Bovine daughters!

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I want to place a bright light in front of Faputa and watch as she repeatedly headbutts it trying to get to the source!

The vibe I'm getting from her is mole cricket. Especially these armguards.

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I want flashbacks or stories of the white whistles interacting with each other. Lyza, Ozen, Bondrewd, and the others that haven't shown their faces in the anime yet.

Faputa sighted in the 1st layer in the game!

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Thread in abyss


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Every thread?

Every thread.

Yes. I must make everyone aware how badly I want to have sex with this specific character.