If you're lucky, you can clear your debts. All in one night

If you're lucky, you can clear your debts. All in one night.

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How about I just kill my debtors?

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Hey Any Forums, how far do you think you'd get if you went through the Espoir games?

I would win.

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The first game is ridiculous. They can all draw with no risk. They added Funai's monologue about human nature to pave over the plot hole but all you have to do is show your opponent the card and see his one. Watch his hand so he doesn't switch it and repeat this 12 times.

If I remember, at the beginning they force you to take out an additional loan at ridiculous interest, on top of the existing loan that you likely came to clear in the first place. So even if you just stalemate you'll still be in debt, you need to yank stars from other players to pay it off.

If you did it quickly, with the minimum loan of 1 mil, you'd definitely reduce your debt, maybe even get rid of it since the interest takes time. An easy fix for this problem would be to make the winning requirement be 4 stars for everyone. This only applied to repeaters but it would fix everything within the story if it was the default.

They don’t want you to know this

I wish the vice president ass raped this traitorous knob

I always thought most Yakuza films could be solved by just beating up someone with a wrench when they come to collect/intimidate.
>no paperwork on the loan so no legal route to make me pay
>low level street thugs can't kill civilians without getting killed or maimed themselves
>they're busting into my place to threaten, kidnap, torture or kill me so it's their word against mine and they're in MY house

Kaiji's mom is cute

They'd just murder you to make an example out of you to other retards considering that course of action.

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Man this manga is for low iq imagine having to read an essay just for some basic logic. . . The art too is grade schooler

They can fucking try. Especially with today's Yakuza which has no power.

Stick to moeshit then zoomie

You're fucking retarded if you think you're going to beat up yakuza with a wrench and they're just going to go "Oh, darn! Guess we better give up!"

No fat guys

What is some 5'4" manlet with a bamboo stick or a tiny bat going to do? It even works in real life like that gif of that westerner beating up that nip in a weeb cafe that was trying to keep him from leaving because it was one of those excessive charge scams. The slightest show of resistance and they fold over.
>they'll stab me!
It's my house. They're the ones who should be in fear.

Look user stop bitching and learn how mahjong works I know it’s annoying at first

They'll kidnap your family and rape and torture them