Season five when?

Season five when?

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As soon as Trump is re-elected.

Can't wait to have chidori exposed as even bigger shit than she already is

She's perfect

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Where do you think you are?

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Any Forums is not one person

I am Legion

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it's too risky now, look at the very recent never evers.

When they make season 4 properly first.

Hopefully never. Chidori alone makes this anime not worth existing.

She’s so stupid


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Chidori is built for rape

Right after they finish the other two Nadesico movies we're still waiting for.

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She can dish it out, I want to see if she can take it

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The PS4 game had some nifty alt endings

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They could finish up the sigma plot in 2 or 3 movies. I think i'd prefer that to an underbudget season 5 considering how badly IV was screwed.

Stupid robot chase always gets me

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My brain is adding several tracks from Initial D to this sequence and I’m grinning like an idiot

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Imagine having taste this shitty and then announcing it to everyone.