Overlord Nigredo (ニグレド)

She's in

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I thought she was skinless all-over?

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It's just the face.

Does Rubedo also have an ahoge?

whens the fanfic

Finally my dream of having sex with the clocktower guy can come true.

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How were data levels distributed among AoG members? Tabula got to make 3 level 100 NPCs. While most others like Ninjabro, Herohero only got to make one of the lvl50 maids

probably farmed mats and put in a request. did Herohero even want a 100 NPC?

Having the Tomb gave them like, 800 free levels of NPCs to create. You could make more, but you have to pay for it.


They also design the floors and their environments. Guys like Blue Planet would probably trade hundreds of levels for more fucking trees

Is the 15th fanfiction done?

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Wait,a re those the elf slaves?

Yes, they were spared and serve as Aura and Mare's attendants since Ainz wanted his kids to be around elves. Also the slaves were spared because they were forced to go to Nazarick against their will so they were judged innocent.

they are now Mare's harem

Wait, is that Barajah Blast?

Answer the question nerds!

Wait, is it not you who's the nerd?

NTRgirls ready to cuck papa bones

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>Ainz thinks that the three slaves corrupt Mare and take advantage of him
>He thinks he's a failure of an uncle and allowed his friend's child to be raped by three adults
>Thinks Mare has Stockholm syndrome when he begs Ainz not to send the elves away
holy fuck that would be golden

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