Araki is good at fights and memebaiting be let's not ignore he's shit at characterization

>villain is evil because he's just evil

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There isn't anything wrong with that by itself. DIO owns it.

>Shounenshit doesn't have interesting writing
....Woah.... OP is truly a revelation machine [this is a music reference just like Jojo does get it]

Jojolion was shit

>Shounenshit doesn't have interesting writing
Yu Yu Hakusho does.

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Why does every villain need a lel "emotional" backstory to make you like them?

He's evil out of spite. Spelled out in the first episode.
Spite for the joestars specifically.
And every other villain besides tooru (if you don't count the whole being detached as a result of his immortality), has a discernable cause for their actions.

No? I mean, not in DIO case. DIO was a victim of the disparity of wealth and classes in the victorian era, as well as the abuse of his father. The only good person he had during his formation as human being was indirectly killed by his abuser, who was someone who should have been as good as the person who died, and barely managed to make it that far thanks to leeching off Jorge Joestar's good heart.
DIO was a child raised into thinking if you are unlucky you just have to fuck with the ones lucky enough to be born in luxury, reach the top even if you damage others, because the ones at the bottom are always being damaged no matter what.
Mix that with the luck birthmark he got and the fact he found a mask that made him superhuman and you have a lunatic who uses his abilities to gain power above others, it makes perfect sense.

Now if you want someone who is just evil, look at Diabolo.

The main problem is that this is the case with almost every single Jojo villain, Araki can't make variety. Kira is one of the rare unique ones which is why the fandom clings to him as a well written villain.

pucci and valentine are also universally praised.

Literally only burgers like Valentine that much, because they are too dumb to see the idea is that he's wrong and rotten

Araki is good at writing characters, the issue is that with the introduction of stands Jojo became very formulaic. It suited itself better to being a long running weekly/monthly series but as a problem villains show up and disappear quickly giving the reader little time to actually care about them. And often times you're not even supposed to care about them, they just have some whacky quirk and a stand and that's it. The sheer amount of characters doesn't help either.
God I miss the old Jojo.

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Araki can write villains right. Dio just did what he did because he realized humanity was weak and with his long life span he could make humanity reach the stars .

Valentine was a very well-written and engaging villian. SBR will be the anime of the decade.

You can like a villain without agreeing with his terms and motivations. Execution matters a lot more than le subversion of tropes and expectations most modern shows are obssesed with

Problem is that they're so late in the series, all the anime-onlies have to wank is Kira.

>He's wrong
Every course of action he took was optimal in terms of reducing losses of American life, and preventing a severe loss in terms of American quality of life.
Remember that the corpse screws over everybody who is not favored by it. And so long as such a thing exists in the first place, there will always be someone benefitting from it.
Valentine made the right decision to gather it before it could be used to bring even more suffering to America.
As a person, he was a dick. But his heart was in the right place.
Andrew Jackson wasn't liked either, but under his rule American debt was reduced to zero resulting in an actual surplus for the only time in American history, and he beat the shit out of a bunch of bankers.
>He's rotten

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Jojo has better characters than 99% of other shonenshit

Villain is Evil.... because he is Evil

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>villian is evil because he's based
sounds about right

characters don't have to be complex to be great, take bugs bunny for example

I don't understand why Diavolo is so hated, I think the dynamics with Doppio make him interesting enough