The next Bleach animated arc will be awesome

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Just the beginning, everything goes downhill after the first part.

The pause is important.

No actually it will continue to be shit.

should they stray from the manga and rewrite the story?

>Give ikkaku a bankai
>It breaks
>he never uses it again

what was the point of this?

To make you Ikkakufags seethe

the real question is: is Kubo gonna continue this "Hell Arc"? I have to admit I liked the setup he was going for with the "cast into hell" stuff and the Jigokuchoa0rpwx

Yeah, they should bring back Starrk, Lilynette, and Ulquiorra.

Ikkaku got the shittiest draw ever for Bankais.
Meanwhile Hisagi's give him the ability to fight literally anyone on even grounds.

To reinforce the point that Shinigami are self-absorbed dipshits that will always put their pride over what actually makes sense in a straight fight. If you want to win, you don't try to drag shit out and then hide your power; you come out all guns blazing and aim for the throat; because if all that power doesn't help you, then trying to force the fight with a shikai wasn't going to make a difference anyway.

Ywach points this out to Yamamoto before he blows his brains out that a 1,000 years ago, the old school shinigami understood the meaning of using power when you have it--and that modern shinigami are useless chucklefucks that talk big and job like bitches.

bleach might be on the shittier side of shounens but man did kubo hit gold with bankais

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the quincy LOST

Except that's not right. Hisagi's bankai only equalizes the playing field as long as his opponent is within a relative equivalence of his own power. Ywach's fight with Ichibei basically proved that Ichibei's so called reality breaking name powers bullshit doesn't matter one fucking bit if your innate power, is stronger than it. This is reinforced a half a dozen times by Zangetsu when he's trying to teach Ichigo and 99% of the time kicks his ass over and over again, all the while pointing out that he doesn't have a name. Its only later that the blade in him claims the name but still refers to the name in third person instead of in first person.

Not really. If Ywach hadn't pulled all the power back and concentrated it into himself, the shinigami were completely fucked. Lilie was basically unstoppable, because he kept multiplying. Kyouraku was on death's door. Mimihagi was an aborted god. And Gerard Valkyrie kept getting bigger and more powerful with every single reincarnation, and the surviving shinigami were powerless to stop his ascension.

Ultimately, what put Ywach down as that having ascended to a soul king he became blinded by his own power and that weakness is what allowed the crystalization of death that resulted from his power killing others, to pull him out of the causality loop just long enough for him to be killed properly.

That, and, as long as any pure blooded Quincy exist that have the potential to ascend to become a Soul King, the quincy thereby haven't lost. They're simply dormant. Which means that as long as Ichigo and whatever chucklefuck Tokinada created live, the Quincy haven't lost.

>he doesnt know about the ikkaku fight kubo has been planning for the canon tybw

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>Hisagi's bankai only equalizes the playing field as long as his opponent is within a relative equivalence of his own power
what fanfic is this? hikone was a million times stronger than hisagi and still couldn't do much because the bankai uses both of their reiatsu as an energy pool

>unlock swords ultimate form
>it's no longer a sword
Why does everyone start out with a katana again? Why is Ichigo the only one whose power ups go in reverse?

>It breaks
>he never uses it again
Yeah because he got ass fucked BY using it. He was the example that Kubo used to show off why Shinigami don't use their Bankai all willinilly because when it breaks you're permanently weakened unless Orihime is your asstocheeks buddy since no one has told her that what she does is actually a huge game changer.

Tradition apparently. It being a Katana doesn't really matter though since it changes based on the user to match them.

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