This was an infuriating read

This was an infuriating read

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This was an infuriating read

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Rui a best
Hina a shit

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I want to administer a suppository to her

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Hina won.

Indeed she did. I remember being laughed at for months after it was revealed Rui got knocked up. Eat shit Ruifags, I won

still seething i see

The Mexican kissing scene though.
Kiriya blows both of them out of the water
>Sexual harasser
>Sleeps and flirts with many of his students
>“teachers should be able to date students”
>“love has nothing to do with gender”
>man of culture
>accomplished writer despite being a full time teacher.
How can Hina even compare?

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I wish Sasuga would fully embrace the one thing she's good at and just make porn.

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Can't deny her talent being lewd

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GOOD ENDING was better to read

did it have a *clears throat* ...good ending?

it telegraphs who will win pretty hard and the mc really struggles with it


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You're obviously an animeonly, but Kiriya is not even the best boy.

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you have only yourself to blame for reading garbage

Amazing how far off your headcanon is.

Seething ruikek.
Seething ninikek.

how could you read the first chapter and not realize it was garbage?

Seething hinakek

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>hina wins
>cant get pregnant
useless victory