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Is based

Is "based" a euphemism for "bankrupt"?

Doesn't the redhead get raped later in the story?


No but she dies after giving birth once.

No. There was scene of sexual assault but it wasn't rape. The "retcon/reprint" rumor was false.
That's false too. Cecily had two children and only died from old age many years later. It was Luke who died shortly after their second child was born. This was mentioned at the end of the manga but light novel volume 16 covers the after story in more detail.

>The "retcon/reprint" rumor was false.

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Didn't his swords shatter after he used them or something?


Here you go, user

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I have never put my attention until recently to how much japs love to self-fellate themselves


It wasn't even gonna hit her.

>16 volumes
Didnt know shit can go that long

Why are her teethlike that?

Then this isn't a great example because katanas turned out not to be the best weapons later on, when demon swords were introduced which were all western style weapons that were more powerful and durable than the katanas seen up to that point.

In fact, one of the main cast is a woman who is a demon sword that takes on the form of a rapier, and her sword form was hyped up as being a very powerful weapon just as much as the katana was. There's a reason why the Empire kept trying to steal her to add to their demon sword collection, but didn't really care about katanas as much as coercing Luke himself into forging swords for them.

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massive inferiority complex. katanas would shatter against most two handed swords from europe

what show is this


Boku no Swordman