Lycoris Recoil

Will Chisato make it out alive?

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Leave Shinji and the Alan institute to me.

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why did she do it

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They deserved it.


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Would she happen to be an organ donor?

Your name shall be Chisato from now on

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Reminder that chisato and this franchise will both die because that's '''good writing'''.
t. writers

Hopefully this thread fully be free of schizos and /snk/fags

Chisato will die. The sooner you accept it, the better.

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Takina just needs to restart the loop


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Well, at least I anticipated something correctly. The rest of my predictions about this show failed. I hope I'm right about the ending too, but I won't tell you what I think of it.

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Chisato I will protect your legacy

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I teared up during this scene,I don't want Chisato to die...I don't want this anime to end...

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It's necessary for perfection.

Why did she stop driving?

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> 2 dads joke was real

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On one hand it would be sad as fuck on the other people would probably remember this anime forever

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America happened

>be chisato
>refuse to kill
>is killed

the weak should fear the strong

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Stoicismchads, we won

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>nigger was actually gay


Isn't Kurumi a little young to be a super hacker?

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Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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I'll just roll over there and die

Oldest character in the series

That’s a 30 year old woman user

Fuki was kinda cute

I feared the yurifags and out of nowhere the yaoifags attacked

Soon user soon.

Chisato's tongue inside Takina's pussy.

He found Shinji so easily. Robota really is the #1 hacka. Kurumi a shit.

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Chisato is dying for sure. At least she'll leave a good legacy for those around her.

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Poor guy.

Takina giving Chisato a anilingus.

Fun fact, today was the first time Majima called Robota by his name.

She was Chisato's first love

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Chisato's tongue inside my pussy.

Chisato fingering Takina to wake her up.

shinji will find a way to save her, just so he can keep enjoying fighting her

Robota could probably fix Chisato's heart in 10 minutes. Walnut is a loser.

Good relationship progress.

>Will Chisato make it out alive?
Technically, nobody makes it out alive.

I am glad that in the middle of the DA bitches Chisato had someone who cared about her

Takina licking Chisato's erect nipples.

Chisato will die while pooping

Takina has two hearts but she only has one lung.

>Chisato is dying for sure
Shut up Takina.

In Takina's mouth

>Gets either killed or change of heart next episode. Putting all his marbles towards Takina saving everyone.

>main duo dissolves their team
>many tw*tter nips cannot stop talking about Joker and how he will help Chisato somehow
Anime staff is about to hit the nail in the coffin for /u/sissies

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chisato was too pure for this world

Young chisato being given the gun with a gift bow meaning how her life as a killing machine was supported by the people around her from a young age while Takina wraps her arms to her gun standing for her delving into the world of murder by her own decision if it means saving chisato. Takina will go wild,absoulutely kino.

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That's the opposite of what she wants

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>takuck saving everyone
In her dreams maybe

>Kekina keeps jobbing and getting cucked

I mean it was kinda obvious with how they acted around each other.....

Well I would be legitimately mad if Takina and Majima became a couple hope it doesn't happen

I'll be honest this scene caught me off guard, I thought they were just acquaintances.

Chisato has undescended testicles which makes her a hermaphrodite.

Such a sweet sparking little child. A spin-off about her training days with Fuki would be awesome.

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She isn't Elvis

They literally spell it out for you that Mika is gay

Madoka's sad ending (I'm talking about the TV show) also contained hope. Madoka disappeared from this world, but put the mahou girls out of their suffering. Here, on the other hand, I can't yet think of an equally bright moment, so that Chisato's death isn't so bitter.

Majima loves his company even if he points his gun at him. He cares about Robata.

So, it's pretty much confirmed that things will never go back to the way it was before. I don't know if it's a sound decision from a business perspective. I wouldn't want to rewatch a seemingly cute girls' anime if I knew it would end up bittersweet. Unlike shows like Madoka, where most of the viewers would already know it's dark from episode 3, you could only safely predict that this show would end in a sad way in the latest episode. Before that you could still keep on huffing your hopium that it wouldn't end up like that, but after this, not anymore.

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Takina carrying her non killing legacy to the other lycoris and keeping her memory alive maybe

But he's not helping her.....

>He's trending
RIP /u/cucks

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>literal gay nigger
what the fuck man

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Is it gay to fuck a hermaphrodite pussy?

Oh, you're from Twitter? Big shocker there

no one not even yurifags were talking about their ship.

This scizo: HYAHAHAHAH UKEKS!!!!

Seriously shut the fuck up. Is it that hard for you?

What if next episode reveals Majima had a childhood encounter with Chisato

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Doesn't that line just say that Takina can't live without Chisato?

>Takina and Majima became a couple
In your wet dreams maybe.

This dude doesn't have a job and clearly lives in his mother's basement dude. He's sick in the head.

It'll be a double suicide ending then.

if Chisato*

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These shitposters probably aren't even old enough to go on Any Forums. Just the same zoomer memes spammed over and over.

Wasn't he blind when she was a loli? He doesn't really seem to recall knowing her.

It's irony. At first the viewer would interpret it as Takina moving into her new environment, but now it's the opposite.

>no one not even yurifags were talking about their ship.
nani o shabette imasu ka?