I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

Why does no one talk about this anime here? I liked it

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marry and impregnate

Because its just a isekai sol what's there to talk about it was discussed during its airing thats about it

We're patiently waiting for season 2.

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I liked it too, what happened to the manga translations?

because it sucks
just like kuma bear
>bland characters
>non existent story
>just your generic CGDCT isekai

Gosh it sounds like someone hates fun. Why are you in the fun liking threads? Go back to Berserk.

it keeps getting confused with wandering witch

pussy translation group being a pussy
but official one just 2 volumes behind raw and 300 light years away from ln

This is "Elaina for cowards".

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Good old berserk, from the boat to the island and back to the boat again, just like God intended.
And it only tool what? 50 years? Pure fun.

i am so fucking tired of dnd-but-with-none-of the-interesting-things-genre.

>dnd-but-with-none-of the-interesting-things
So normal dnd?

it's boring, just like 90% of Isekais it just shouldn't be one and it's main message is just conformity with laziness

>it's main message is just conformity with laziness
It's literally the opposite.

It's incredibly dull

I liked it at the beggining
Stopped enjoying it when it turned into a soft-yuri series

nothing to talk about

Generic premise, boring plot, yuribait.

Imagine being this straight.

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It finished airing.

It was fine, but also nothing exceptional. I liked it too, but I'm not surprised the discussion died the moment the anime ended, it's just how things work.

there is nothing to say, iyashikei inherently doesn't have much to talk about, that'd go against the point of it all.
discount iyashikei like this is even worse about that

Straight or not I'm not into dull things. I don't know why but yuri is usually VERY dull

Metal bunny episode was great
Everything else was kind of boring