How do you feel about Samurai Flamenco?

How do you feel about Samurai Flamenco?

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One of the most underrated anime of the past decade. Slicing Simian filtered the shit out of thousands.

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Why were the girls so shit in this

You have links to archives of the og thread? That thread reaction was marvelous.

Found it extremely gay but fun show to watch

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What makes you say that?

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it was super gay

I thunk there was a monkey or something there but I can't remember his name.

one of the few anime I deem worthy

He was a real one.

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It was very gay and it swung both ways.

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Did Torture, you know?

No, but all of his henchmen did.

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King Torture arc was terrible apart from King Torture himself and the ensuing Flamengers arc was even worse.

A modern classic, which will probably nevertheless fade into obscurity.
I love how it still somehow manages to piss off and confuse people

Hated it, watched to the point of LE EBIN PLOT TWIST! still hated it, dropped it. anyone that enjoys nu-anime can eat a dick

I missed out on it when it first aired and only watched it last year. I liked it at first but the gimmick got old fast and I'm not a fan of tokusatsu anyway. It was fun going back through the archives and digging up old Any Forums threads as I watched each episode though.

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This. What was the point? Who was torture? Why did the government let him do whatever?

It was fucking weird, it felt like the show was making fun of its own genre by making episodes where the characters eventually got tired of dealing with villains and got progressively more violent which caught me off guard. It's surprisingly pretty good.