Fubuki is strong and not a jobber

Fubuki is strong and not a jobber

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marry and impregnate fubuki.

Do you even like Fubuki or do you just find her hot?

Not him but yes

Not him, don't even read OPM but I find her hot.

Very cute. Now give an actual answer.
>I like her.
>I just find her hot.

both, she's gorgeus and i bet that she's virgin because successful women have it harder to find a man, that's why she likes Saitama soo much.

She's a virgin because she has an obsessive S class sister who will literally kill any man who touches her.

He doesn't deserve her

stop lewding my wife

I want to impregnate her.

You misunderstand the word 'Jobber'

She's a jobber BECAUSE she's strong. Her 'job' is to show how strong the opponent is in comparison to her.

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I don't even read this series, but I'd impregnate her

i want to have a threesome with fubuki and tatsumaki

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despite how hard the tatsucucks keep seething, Fubuki is the FMC and MVP

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Tats eventually gets a scene where Saitama hugs her.
In that moment she'll have won it all back and you'll never be able to claim superiority again.

more tatsucucks loser tears

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I like her because I find her hot

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Being in Saitama's arms isn't a honor or anything. At least he bathes.

she'll win in murata's manga
she'll sex saitama in the next 20 chapters

Saitama is a dicklet