Decide to finally read HxH

>decide to finally read HxH
>mfw Greed Island

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Are you hating on one of the best arcs of the series?

Still better than all of Steins Gate.

The Bomber > Shitsoka

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>That's right, I define my personally completely by hating things everyone likes
>No, I don't really have any friends
>Why would you ask that?

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Literally the last good arc, you got filtered.

You got filtered only slightly later than OP so I wouldn’t be talking if I were you

Honestly this. Gon vs Boomer was a better fight than Gon vs Hisoka too.

If this is actually true, I'm just going to straight up drop the manga right now.

He's lying, the best one is right after island

Chimera Ant is shit except for the scenes with Meruem and Mugi. At least Greed Island was consistently fun.

bombs the shit out Gon
bombs the shit out of Hisoka

clownbros do we...suck?

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Same, but with Chimera Ant.

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But that`s the best arc.

KEK. No.

he's just clowning
GI is pretty mid-tier overall but really it's just a glorified training arc to raise our boys up to be able to compete with actual experienced nen users in the future. Arc still has a few cool highs

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>to raise our boys up to be able to compete with actual experienced nen users in the future
And then immediately get written out.

There's a spot for everyone.
Genthru? Strongest gamer.
Naturally Nobunaga is the greatest sword master and, of course Hisoka... the guy knows some magic tricks, I guess... well, can't forget that one time he tricked that Zoldyck butler, yeah.

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Worth mentioning - You can just skip reading all the card details if you're not caring for the game part of the arc. They don't end up mattering minus a handful of them for story purposes

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Yeah their current arcs were neatly wrapped up and story picked up on other MCs that had unfinished
Those 2 boys will be back some day

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>NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The series needs to focus on Gon+Killua at all times
>You cant just NOT include them in a single arc!!
>They're supposed to be muh SHONEN boy MCs, they aren't allowed to not be in the new arc!! It's a shonen rule and Togashi is breaking it!!!

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Togashi made boring full pages with card descriptions no one cares about :(

Brother if I could, I would have chimera ant in a separate manga.
It's too good for the rest of hxh.

I guess yorknew is great too, but not in this manner.

A lot of the cards are fun but they're not really necessity to memorize or anything
Maybe if the arc was like 2-3x longer and the cards were actually utilized
I think mid-late Greed Island is when his back got real bad though