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marrying her and her blonde friend and having intense sexual reproduction with both of them every single night and morning before work.
See them grow a big pregnancy belly.

Based yuri impregnator

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deyurify yuri girls is the duty of every man in the world, females need to understand their place as men (specifically their husband) property.

what did she mean by that?

>"i want to be married and impregnated by a man so hard!"

There is no such thing as Yuri. All "lesbians" are just straight women who never discovered the power of a good penis .

Takishit is getting cucked hard


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fuck you and your globohomo propaganda

Dumb question. Is there a tag meant specifically for deyurication?

context? I've seen this clip but I don't know why she did the pose

Reminder that "dicking her straight" is a tranny fetish.

no, liking yuri is tranny fetish check how every single tranny identifies himself as lesbian and watch yuru yuri.

I'm a gardener eel!

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Lmao. You are seathing so hard you can't even write anymore.

lmao, you're seething so hard you can't even write anymore.
lesbian girls belong to the superior gender, the males.

Even in your fantasies you are a wageslave. Pathetic.

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