Zombie Land Saga

Best girl finally got her own song, what do we think of it?

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marrying and impregnating the zombies.
i bet the producer gave them functional wombs

Saki already got her song, tho

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will she ever regain contagiousness

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She always makes me smile

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>Junko literally asks Ai if she would cry for Junko if Junko asked her to
They're gay

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Was Revenge talked about when it was airing?

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Is she the least popular member?

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You're thinking of Maimai

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Why does no one give a shit about ZLS anymore?

Isn't a movie coming out?

Wtf? I didn’t even know a second season of this came out. Now I know what I must do.

Yeah but there hasn't been any news about it. Maybe there will be some after the last virtual live next month?

>releasing a single when the hype is dead.
This is like a big fuck you to Taneda.

Poor girl is cursed.

What makes you think the hype is dead? Revenge was successful

We had very consistent threads, yeah

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Wasn't Revenge the top selling anime of Spring 2022, not including Uma Musume?