One piece

Retarded power ups need to stop.
Law surpassing Vergo within the same arc is fine but going from Doffy's eternal bitch to beating Big mom is retarded.
>it was haki bloom
Oda introduced that shit during the WCI arc. Fuck off

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Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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It was DF awakening, not haki.

Can't wait for vergo' and monet's return

Viola and her violas

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Guys is the one piece real?

Are they friends?

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Please don't be this delusional, your making me have to take Yamato's side. I get that you like her and all, but her ability only worked so well against Kaido's specific crew, because they had animal aspects. And yes, that specific ability helped turn the tide of the war, but it isn't reproducible. You are also discounting the things Yamato contributed. She stalled Kaido long enough for Luffy to recover, saving countless lives on the alliance side (because he was dead set on jumping into the frey down there.) She was able to make Momo use his flame clouds to keep the island from crashing (saving the lives of everyone again.) And she also stopped the mountain of explosives from going off in the basement of Onigashima (Again saving the lives of the ENTIRE raid.)

I'm saying you need to like the character, lord knows how horribly written she is, but please don't delude yourself into a false sense of security. This entire board has me worried because they are going in so hard about how the Yamato threat is over. But the thing is, it isn't. Its just been delayed. One victory doesn't win a war. Oda still has a set up where Yamato can join, and everyone trying to deny it is only going to give the troons that much more to gloat over if she still manages to get in in an arc to two.

Be smart, be prepared. I'm warning everyone here, this fight isn't over, we are merely going through an intermission...

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>Law surpassing Vergo within the same arc
He was already stronger Vergo just had his heart
As for the rest get used to it because Oda wants to hurry up and end this so he's going to have to give more massive powerups in isanely short time

every single arc in the series has had main characters powering up to defeat villains notably stronger than them beforehand, shut the fuck up

>but going from Doffy's eternal bitch
He would have one shot Doffy with gamma knife if it weren't for his bullshit O MY INTERNAL STRING SUGERY DELIQUEFY MY ORGANS, or did you forget he was fighting 1v2 against Trebol the whole time Luffy was being stalled by Bellamy?

>Luffy gets beaten by Caesar & Monet in PH
>He beats Kaido in Wano
This is fine
>Law gets beaten by Vergo in PH
>He and Kid beat Big Mom in Wano

Yeah it’s in the crate

I hate the samurai minus kinemon

Ase will kill them all

as you wish user

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no but Mister 1 is related to Mihawk's roomates

Reread Punk Hazard, actually reread the whole manga.

Yes. It's literally ONE PIECE of gold. The treasure was the autism we developed along the way

>he was fighting 1v2 against Trebol the whole time
He wasn't

law was severely handicapped during the fight because of the heart thing, once he got it back he dealt with vergo pretty easily

Elbaf - Lodestar - Raftel - Mariejois/Final War - 2nd timeskip/Final Arc

10-12 years till OP is over, Oda is rushing it

Shouldn't Smoker be the strongest motherfucker out there with haki blooooomin'??

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Currently on my first watchthrough of the anime. At the end of dressrosa. By the time this is done, I'll be able to safely say I wasted close to 400 hours of my life on a nip-hacks delusional fairy world

>only the MC can get asspull power-ups

Sabo was a mistake

sanji is so lucky

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sry wrong pic

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haki is a strong drug bro
haki allowed a bunch of shitters like the scabbards to at least be kaido's playthings for a bit

>Luffy is happy to know that nami cares for him and the crew
>Nami is blushed because it felt like she declared her love for him like a slice of life schoolgirl, which literally is.

He truly is

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>only the MC can get asspull power-ups

>all of this forced faggotry
I hope oda cripples cuckji for a while like dresrossa

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everyone loves sana

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>. Oda still has a set up where Yamato can join, and everyone trying to deny it is only going to give the troons that much more to gloat over if she still manages to get in in an arc to two.

Right, I doubt Oda was choosing between "She never appears again" vs "She's full time crew". She had a shit ton of screentime, Oda has(/had) some major role in mind for her. Whether that's pulling a Jinbe and joining later, or tagging along for a while like Law, or getting written out further remains to be seen.

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You want to back that up with proof? I have mine ready.

So will Oda be the one to draw Two Piece with Luffy's son Buffy or will he get an assistant to do it?

How relevant will her ability be? What kind of tomfoolery will she do with shapeshifting?

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your hopes and dreams are completely meaningless and you are a faggot

If your pairing isnt here you should just give up since you can even read this kids manga properly.

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She's been Nami for the last 100 chapters.

>the "im not a shipper but" pairs

He already has. Didn't you read the latest chapter?

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You realize if she joins then Momo and Kin are also joining too right? They're a trio now, she's one of the scabbards. Best you all can hope for is them being an allied ship riding in on Pluton.

>"im not a shipper but"
So literally Oda?

No, not literally oda you ape

Kill yourself Yamatroon. You promised you would if she didn't join.

Uhh so I just watched this ending for the first time since I was skipping the movie. Where's the love part? Is this what LuNafags are shitting over?

Did I not understanding something? Is there a hidden context? Where is she confessing the love?
Also, why did Shiki allow her to say to come rescue her?

Also also, that message does not make sense because she was talking about joining Shiki's crew the first part and then at the end she says to come rescue her...wut?

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The more I think about the Cross Guild the more forced it feels why were Buggy and Croc even in contact with each other. Also if we assume Buggy was the one to contanct Croc for money which would be more natural than Croc going to Buggy to loan him money, why would Buggy even think of him as a person to go to for money, whatever Crocodile has been doing doesn't seem like it's been big news and Buggy doesn't really have any reason to assume Croc is still rich after he got sent Impel down. Like why wouldn't Buggy have gone to that underworld Banker.

They literally 1v1 in the bridge also it was a 2v2 on the roof and Trebol didnt do jack shit. He never intervened.

Oh no... its retarded...

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You have to be completely braindead to believe this
Zoro didn't even bother with a goodbye to her skank ass

I don't think it will just be shapeshifting but she has powers of illusions and will really fuck the mind of whoever she fights

>Thinks Haki was the first Zenkai in OP
Luffy literally went from having trouble with Base Lucci in without Gear 2nd to be able to trade blows with Leopard Lucci in base Spee D. Reader

>a pic of trebol standing next to doflamingo
Oh wow he was there the entire time. Why didnt he intervene when they were fighting? Cause he was there shittalking. You dumb baboon.