ITT: MCs that ruin their own series

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Shinji is what the series is about. People have been trying to make Evangelion without Shinji for 20 years, and they have failed each time. Accept that Eva is held on Shinji's back.

>Shinji is what the series is about
Shinji spends the entire series doing nothing as all the cool shit happens around him.

The sad part is that he's legitimately their best pilot. Only one of the Angels could have been defeated without him.

Nah, he has the mommy plothax that comes with being a MC. He himself has no talent or skill.

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Kaworu would never kiss that ugly faggot

And (you) will seethe about it forever

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Shinji was ok

I see people are still crying that shinji isn't some chosen one shonen mc who wants to become the king of pilots

We all know who Kaworu would've kissed if he had the chance to.

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WIT mikasa is worth killing 100% of the planet twice
mappa mikasa, not so some much

This user knows what's up

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desu I wouldn't want an eva without shinji, but the dynamics between other characters would've been more interesting without him. Picrel

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Is this a stealth eva thread? Or are we actually posting MCs that shit up their series?

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Go away Anno.

Kaworu is the Zipper of anime...

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>shinji isn't some chosen one shonen mc
In eoe he kind of was.

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That prick from DxD.

Not really rei just gives him the final decision because hes unironically her only friend

Eren went from single-handedly carrying his own series to becoming the worst character in one chapter.

>MCs that ruin their own series
>posts shinji
>and not subaru
Are people really this wrong? Shinji is Evangelion.
The only reason Subaru is even remotely worthwhile as a protagonist in his own series is due to his interactions with Rem.

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The MC can't shit up the series when it's already shit up by being fujoshit garbage.

Shinji does most of the fighting, which you can't even pretend not to know

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