Second day of the anniversary still going strong! Lineup is stacked so grab your favorite drinks, snacks and water because we're just at the halfway point and due note who is closing this event. Enough talk...


21:00 melo
21:50 kyo
22:40 Oblongar
23:25 Alicemetix
0:10 DJ Shimamura with MC STONE
1:50 hara
2:35 Boutique Muisc

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still going strong

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Good morning, keep the party going

Rec is still alive?!?

Can't wait for waipa overtime

Nice, another thread.
I expect we'll be on for another 3 hours.

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hello fagets

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Maybe MOGRA love on Any Forums is dying out.
Think about that when you "gatekeep".

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Fuck off.

It doesn't matter, recent years are a lot of isekai etc, that's probably what they're used to instead of the various 00s series appearing here.

you can't go back user, all of us can only live in the present and walk forward whether we like it or not


>2 threads already done
>13 hours of mogra
user, i will gatekeep what i want to gatekeep as long the mods doesn't ban me

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I will gatekeep until the day I'm watching Mogra alone and you know what, I will be happier that way.

Real gate keeping would actually mean you wouldn't post in the threads to keep attention down.

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i just got here a few hours ago, and have been running chores and cooking the whole time. gonna start drinking for buddhahouse - good job to everyone who's made it this far, i salute you

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I usually post something when there is some anison. Not that I'm complaining about the other sets, it makes good background music.

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By that logic if we REALLY wanted to gatekeep we'd just never make a thread.
Realistically you do have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

If gatekeeping means death, so be it.

gatekeeping is good and if we'd been consistent about it we wouldn't have retards like you
mogra love is not dead, it's just the boring part of a long event in an unusual timeslot, go fuck yourself

real gatekeeping is not getting into it yourself because you'd be opening the door to get in

if only I had the budget for another day...
Now I'd better spend my lifehack skills on pretending.

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Real gatekeeping is having to climb Mt. Fuji first.

Best post ITT.

I... can't argue with that.

Kinda grumpy that despite having alarms going off, still was not enough to get me up to get to work. Clocked in late. Good part is that I did traded days off so I have tomorrow off.

I don't think that's the case. It's more of the event type. I wasn't expecting Day 2 to be very active since it wasn't anison focus. Previously Day 2 threads were not made because it was very non-anison heavy but things been slowly coming around to be a nice balance.


Dynamic gatekeeping, I like that