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Why couldn't Goku activate Ultra Instinct in the Broly movie?

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JOBly is weak and couldn't force Goku into UI.

Too weak.


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UI wouldn't have worked against CHADly.

But enough about Bejita.


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Now THIS is the Buu Saga done right.


Broly is very good at copying techniques (such as the God Bind). If Goku used Ultra Instinct, then this would have happened:

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ChiChi would’ve definitely kissed Bejihan.

Gogetabros...why am I HARD?????

Because Gogeta is gay.

You are NOT a Gogetabro


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>Retards posting in the toyopaco thread.

I too remember when Broly went SSB after seeing Goku transform into it.

Fun times.

>He watched the directors cut.

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TheJ OriginalJ SSJJ?

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Zly is a VolCel.

It was really strange Toriyama wrote that Broly fucked Chichi felt very pointless for the overall plot.


>they made gohan blanco canon
I cant get over this shit bro

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It was always meant to happen.

Time to stack it Goku's UI so we finally get to see the Gokhan we were denied in the Buu arc.

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You're 4 years too late.