Odds we will see more on the BD release?

We need a scene just like the evangelion one, with nipples and stuff.

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i want to marry and impregnate the lycori's girls.
impregnate them really hard because i think they have great hips to birth children.

>i think they have great hips to birth children
you got any proof of this? for scientific purposes of course.

>with nipples and stuff.

check the aperture and the width of her hips, are very good quality hips.

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Bluray will have Chisato and Takina in the bathtub together

lesbian nipples.


0. It's not this kind of series.

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>Odds we will see more on the BD release
Way to show everyone you're underage and wasn't there when nipples were always shown on BD releases. If the nipples were censored we would see them in the BD. But like this? they're not gonna redraw the whole scene

Fuck Majima is so lucky.

When they intend to decensor something for BD they make it clear it will happen in the TV release. This isn't a censored scene, they'd have to redraw a lot of stuff. Not going to happen.

How did they put a whole artificial heart on her while leaving no chest scar?

Heals easy when you're young.

>heals so fast those needle-like cable plugs literally leave no trace when unplugged

The BDs should fix this scene instead.

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Fully naked, peeing while standing

They just need to add in the forgotten sound effects.

>top tier yuri 10/10
I love it!!!