Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

A good woman knows how to take center stage

Ep. 10 PV: youtube.com/watch?v=sSBRla8MgFk

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Didn't watch anything beyond the first anime, is itsuwari no kamen good & engaging? I kind of want to catch up but I'm not sure I have enough life force to watch it if the story takes too long to pick up

marry and impregnate nosuri.


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A good birb comes with a whole lotta breast and thigh meat.

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this birb is too precious

Guess we're not getting the Vurai comeback which also means the anime timeline is also not retconning in Nekone getting Oshtor killed. Too bad, I wanted to enjoy some Nekone suffering^H^H^H^Hredemption.

I suppose it makes sense, from a directorial standpoint, to lobotomize both Nekone and Anju's storylines in favor of giving time to the five main love interests but it's really kind of a shame, particularly since the tragic aspects of Nekone were well written.

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>Nekone suffering

have some nekone hairbrushing

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she's retarded

That sitting pose is ridiculously hot for some reason

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>for some reason
I think it is the crotch.

>we are here already
Holy light speed.

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Kind of impressive that Nosuri was still happy even though her friends' reassurance to her during the conversation with Genho boiled down to "We're unable to deny your father's observation that you are terminally stupid but we love you for your other qualities." Bless her heart, I guess.

Dork birb

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That is gonna need a stitch along with this.

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Why are all the girls so sexual?

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