Is Devilman worth getting into?

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Yes. Particularly considering that it's a comparatively short manga that you can read within two to four hours, depending on your literacy skills.
Just ignore Crybaby.


>t. Masaaki Yuasa

what's crybaby?

You don't want to know.

Yes get into Devilman, get into the side stories, get into the spin offs. The classic OVAs, Amon, and yes Crybaby are all worth watching after finishing the original manga.

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Explain why you think that Crybaby is worth watching other than morbid curiosity?

Anybody know a tachiyomi source where I can read all of Devilman Grimoire?

Modern netflix adaptation with drastically different character designs, more supporting characters with expanded roles. The same can be said about Amon, Dark Side of Devilman which came out like 20 years ago now and I imagine had the same contrarian criticisms.

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>The same can be said about Amon, Dark Side of Devilman
No, it cannot. Also, Crybaby did not only change the character designs, it changed their whole personalities.
>muh contrarian
Hello there, /r/eddit.

It's an entertaining adaptation with good pacing, music, interesting additions, and one of the better depictions of the finale.

Who's personality was drastically changed?

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>good pacing
>one of the better depictions of the finale.
Maybe if you like Naruto.

>Who's personality was drastically changed?
It's "whose". And everyone's. Akira became a literal crybaby (which explains the title), Miki became a Mary Sue without any weaknesses or flaws, and without any depth. And worst of all, Ryo was depicted as a poor parody of a evil-for-the-sake-of-it villain who at no point acts like a friend towards Akira.

i haven't watched crybaby or the original anime but the manga is some of the goofiest shit i've ever read
maybe give the first couple chapters a read and see if it's for you

crybaby's probably great because i haven't seen a single person outside of here think it wasn't amazing

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Devilman is a really good manga, and the first OVA is a lot of fun to watch. The Crybaby anime is watchable but it’s far less dynamic compared to the manga IMO, and the demons + devilmen get better characterization in the manga

>muh trashy English scanlation

I would watch crybaby first if you wish a weak start, then read lady devilman

Devilman and Devilman Lady are both pretty wild rides, I recommend them
and don't waste time on Crybaby

>if you wish a weak start
Okay, but why would anyone want that?

You're exaggerating how much he cries, and you should probably reread the original. Akira was a wuss.

Miki had no personality in the original. Miki is just a cute, athletic girl in Crybaby and she has some social media presence as a model. You could argue she should drown in despair with everything that happens I guess, but she's not the messiah figure you paint her to be.

Ryo was always a depicted as an unhinged, pragmatist with alien thinking. He's not "evil-for-the-sake-of-it," he for good reason doesn't understand how Akira would respond.

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What's wrong the with pacing?

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Why would you recommend anything other than starting with the original manga?

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the old TV and manga? no, overrated boomer trash core.
the ova was okay, same tier with Devilman Lady.
Crybaby is great, i hate yuasa's Artstyle, but i like his direction and OST selection.

>You're exaggerating how much he cries
No, I'm not. From the very beginning to the very end, Crybaby Akira is nothing but a total emotional wreck.
>you should probably reread the original. Akira was a wuss.
Except whenever he was not. You know, later on in the manga.

>Miki had no personality in the original.
You're a complete moron if you actually believe that. Miki is one of the sassiest girls you'll find in any manga. She is determined, stands up for her friends, but she's also overly aggressive and quick to seek trouble. She's also a bit vain and superficial at times, but you can tell that she genuinely cares about others and has a strong moral code.
She's nothing of that in Crybaby, and I get the feeling that you're trying to talk down what she was in the manga to defend Yuasa and Okouchi's horrible character writing.

>Ryo was always a depicted as an unhinged, pragmatist with alien thinking.
And that's not what he should be. He's supposed to be calculating and controlled. And most of all, he's supposed to be someone Akira can look up to and trust. Not some unhinged freak. Again, it's as if you completely ignore the manga and then go on about how much you loved Crybaby.

>Miki had no personality in the original.
I watched Crybaby and read the manga, and I remember Miki more from the manga. Especially the scene where she pulled a knife out to defend herself from the bullies.

>What's wrong the with pacing?
You mean other than wasting half of the runtime on Dawson's Creek style teenage drama, stuffing the second half with newly introduced side characters losing their shit and going crazy, and then rushing the climax, but making sure to drag out the fight scenes in favour of skipping most of the introspection and character moments?

>overrated boomer trash core.
>Crybaby is great
Kek. Of course the American teenage "zoomer" would prefer the Netflix trash.