Lycoris Recoil

Look at the time. It's Lycoris day!

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>Majima will save the day

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Kojima is actually watching the show live now.

>Majima will save the day
with his COCK

Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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What kind of fist bump is that


the gay kind

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I can't decide if this episode was pro-yuri or anti-yuri.

vagina fist bumping.

The 5 minute long gay sex scene between those 2 was kind of gratuitous, but otherwise good episode.

>Majimafag is cruising on Shinjifag and Mikafag.
>Meanwhile, yurichad is watching EP9 very comfy today.

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it is pro yuri/yaoi because of the off-screen sex between yuri/yaoi pair.

I will be waiting for the majimabro reply about how Takina left Chisato forever on episode 9/13 and that Majima is the new MC

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And they made sweet love the whole night afterwards...

She tells her plans on the conversation with Kurumi, he will only shitpost that for a few more minutes.

>Majima is the new MC
A character who will die soon can't be the MC.

Firstly they should hope for Majima won't be killed or busted by Shinji's backup agent in the next episode.

>episode is very yuri
Where are the Majimashitters now?

Reverted back to being yurifags.

They think yuri was destroyed this episode like every episode

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Yuri corrected.

Majima obviously will save Chisato and she will reconsider her yuri ways because of that.

It's out.
>[SubsPlease] Lycoris Recoil - 09 (1080p) [FD404E2F].mkv

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They were enlightened by the path of yuri.

You can never destroy the power of Clitoris Lickhole

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Stop false flagging sis.

It's like a kiss but with their fist.