Sex with big Jahy!

Sex with big Jahy!
Headpats and bedtime stories with small Jahy!

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Other way around for me.

Both for both for me.

At the same time

Babies with big and small Jahy!

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>Headpats and bedtime stories with small Jahy!
and also sex

I wish I had the money so I could hotglue Medicos Jahy.

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Giving Small Jahy belly-rubs!
Rough anal sex with Big Jahy!

Slow passionate lovemaking with big Jahy.

>fat ugly bastard
jahy is for tall handsome white muscular chads

jahy if she real

Kill yourself, shitposter.

You know, it's really amazing that someone would create THAT on purpose, and find an audience.

A big audience.

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the problem isn't even the 3D, it's that DAZ is absolutely not made for creating anime characters
use fucking koikatsu


>the problem isn't even the 3D
Nah it's the 3d too alright, god it looks like shit.

yea but for reference here's a 3d Jahy from Koikatsu

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The problem is that whatever that artist is using doesn't imitate 2D very well. It looks like it's trying to be realistic, but hits Uncanny Valley (look it up). Koikatsu uses 3D rendering, but is much better at imitating 2D style.

Sex with both! But which one of us is doing the headpats and bedtime stories afterwards depends on which form she’s in.

That's better but it's always going to look like trash compared to the 2D art. 3D can't express certain qualities which is why it never truly looks the same. Konbu Wakame's art looks a million times better than that.

That's it. 3DCG is just not a good tool to use here.