"Do the impossible"

"Do the impossible"

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Yoko curse > spiral power

It's the principle of equivalent exchange

any stories of false confidence turning real?

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

i mean among anons.


Not anime, but haunts me to this day.
>Do you feel like a hero yet?

A man has the right to dream.

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He died for Simon's growth and as a consequence of kissinging an evil improper whore instead of a proper Japanese yamato nadeshiko

You forgot
>Died a virgin

He was the MC, it was scenaristically impossible to die. But he did.

He never died, he was still in their hearts till the end.

Duh, he said 'do', not 'I do'.

My brother claims it worked for him.

Kinda fucked up that Yoko lost both her love interests right after they kiss. No wonder she ended up a single old lady.

>stumble upon PUA stuff during the holy internet years of early 2010's
>read how it's all about confidence and that i should mimic chads i know until i develop my own thing from them
>act confident
>women think i'm some ladies man even though i'm a virgin
>get pussy

Nothing special but it does work.

I'd count sparking a rebellion that overthrows the overlords of the universe while being a weakling himself as "doing the impossible".


Yes, me, unironically. Got a job to sustain my hobbies (I work maybe 5 hours a week for about 4k a month), fixed my family's issues, and get told I 'act like a chad' by people even though I really don't try to.

It did actually start with me watching TTGL a while ago though, sometimes you just need a mentor who is unflappably courageous and supports you uncompromisingly.

Because she's an evil poisonous whore and not a proper Japanese lady, Simon is a sigma male who knows whores belong in the trash and will only drag him down.