Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Who hype here?

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getting 80's Akira and GITS vibes here
Oh boy, Original Score by Akira Yamaoka, the man behind the incredible sound and music of Silent Hill (which I love more than most things), I'm hyped.


reddit probably
not even Any Forums

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ore no waifu da ne

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I thought they were adding the coat to the game?

>Cyberpunk and Tatami Time Blues released within days from one another
Anime is healing.

how horrific is it really living in night city?

especially for the children.

Script by a Polish guy, written in English, translated to Japanese, then adapted by trigger niggers. Only thing I'm afraid of is that the nuances may be lost during that whole procedure but yeah I'm hyped, especially in this dry season.

Hopefully it's more cyberpunk than the game it was based on.

Im hyped. None of the anime made by Trigger is my favorite or anything like that but I have enjoyed every single thing I have watched from them.

It will propably fall off after few episodes like every Trigger show and from trailer it looked like it will be headache during action scenes like promare.

>jewflix garbage
No thanks.

>cyberbugs 2077
no one

>Cyberpunk $2077.00 refund
I love a good car crash

The kids are the most tragic part of Night City to me. You can tell through some of the generic interaction quotes with npc kids that they have to have a really tough emotional shell to survive. Most of the stuff that looks fun for kids like the theme park and pool is just more territory for gang fights now.