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Curious how all of these "Wazukyan is evil" posts only started appearing after muh evil facial expression

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Maybe it's a social experiement by kinema citrus
Take a morally upright character who is a good leader and cares for people and don't change anything about his actions but make him have a disney baddie smirk and see what people think of him.

his actions are done with a purpose, but the anime 100% makes him look like a fucking psychopath devoid of any emotion, its really really retarded

Whats different from the manga


He's shown extremely distressed and conflicted over whats happening with the soup.
In saving vueko scene he shows sad confusion prior to jump and a face of focused physical exertion and pain when grabbing onto vueko.

I suppose we have to have a mustache-twirling "villain" figure to draw attention away from the actual genocidal maniac.

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If all it takes is a weird grin to make people think you're evil, then maybe you weren't doing all that much good in the first place.

Name a single thing she did wrong

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What does this guy do? He causes the village to be made then kind of watches it get destroyed then wastes away. What was the point?


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He has that line about belaf still being noble.

Even if they made him seem more evil, I think the point that he recognizes morality is still there.

Its not like they could just go "oh you wana be left behind, ok bye"
Its just something you say when you're distressed.

Right when Veko said verbatim "WHATS IN THE SOUP???" Wazu made this bottling up the pain kind of face. They skipped this in the anime for whatever reason

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He foresaw that Riko could be used to grant them a way to continue going forward after they got their shit together by staying 150 years in a safe place. He misunderstood (kinda? we don't know really) that he was not the one that would continue adventuring. At least not in his physical form.

>in the middle of saving Vueko's life

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animeonlies have always been very retarded.

I wish he will draw some hentai for us once he is done with MiA my cock is ready


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How many layers are even there

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he looks sinister there I remember anons saying they skipped this so he doesn't appear evil in the anime

He only harbors the best of intentions hehe~

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I thought Irrumiluyey would become faputa

That makes no sense my man Wazu did a GOOD thing so why would he be bad

apparently more than seven

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Finished episode 3 last night. Going to be honest I wouldn't want to live in that Hollow community, in fact I would steer clear of it. Even though everyone in there seems nice, and place seemed safe, I still thought the whole place was scary and unnerving. All it takes is you to accidentally step on someone's foot or something and the giant tentacles come down and rip your arms off. Don't know why anyone would willingly become a Hollow, but I guess they don't mind trading their humanity for absolute security.

I like Faputa's giant robot.

She killed the robots that did nothing wrong.

Nothing could be more straight than this

I bet it feels so good inside Vueko's loose, meaty holes. Juroimoh really did live the dream. But you know what would be even better? Fucking her tight little girlfriend right in front of her and forcing her to orgasm on your dick over and over while Vueko watches on, powerless to stop you. Pakkoyan wouldn't even be able to look her in the eye anymore from the shame of allowing her heart and body to have been intruded upon by someone else... but she'd keep coming back to you for more of that shameful pleasure night after night, knowing Vueko could never satisfy her like you do. Vueko would know it's happening from the start no matter how Pakkoyan tried to hide it, but would pretend to be into it for the sake of preserving Pakkoyan's happiness; she'd even thank you for helping her accomplish more than she ever could on her own. And eventually, to cope with the pain, she really would start getting off and masturbating to the notion all on her own like a good little masosub. Wouldn't that be heavenly?