One Piece

>We could've had a STRONG woman on the crew but Oda was too much of a Namishitter
I'm so mad

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Tranjisisters... how can we recover???

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My advice: Just drop Wanpiss already. Move on with your life. Read a better manga. Getting invested in a character Oda wrote was never a good idea to begin with.

>Getting invested in a character Oda wrote
MihawkGOD here, feels great.
Maybe try having a taste next time around.

>MihawkGOD here
Based,dropped the manga on Fishman Island and wrote it off as garbage but Mihawk and Crocodile playing a major role in the upcoming arcs make me want to pick it up again.Now we just meed Enel and maybe some Don Krieg

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That's much worse, actually.
I can get Yamatofags simping for a cute girl with a bland personality. I can even get furries simping for Carrot.
But simping for an ugly muscular man who's just as shit as the rest of the cast? What's the rationale behind that?

Mihawkfags are delusional.
Well they are undercover Zolospics anyway so it's to be expected.

The Dragon arc is finally happening

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>Storm one of the Marine's principal bases
>openly burn the World Government's flag while there
>beat the shit out of the strongest member of their secret police
>dodge buster call
>escape with woman whose knowledge can upend the foundations of the world
That is what Luffy had to do to get a 300 million bounty. I don't understand bounties anymore.

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You can like a character without being attracted to him.I like the lonely wolf cool headed characters archetype that doesn't take shit from anyone and can make you piss yourself with a simple gaze.Mihawk is as cool as he was when I first saw him 15 yeats ago plus there's a whole lot of mystery surrounding him including his past and his eyes that look like Im's.

I always thought Croc was cool though

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and kid only killed people and had a higher bounty then luffy

>Strong Woman
>Larping as a dead man
>Doesn't have any muscles
>Is yet a Nami face and perhaps even worst than Rebecca of all people
>Babysat a child instead of continuing to help fight Kaido like a boss or take down one of the big heads instead
>Uses Kaido techniques instead of Oden
Yeah no fuck off with this bait. We live in our Conqueror Nami's society. Deal with it bitch.

>You can like a character without being attracted to him
Sure. If we're talking about an actual character with an actual personality. Not one of Oda's walking clichés.

Why is Yamato so short compared to her dad ?

The WG are getting desperate

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There is still hope.

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Being gay is okay, user.
But being gay and having shit taste is not.


Fucking tastelet. Mihawk is way prettier than her shitty busy design.

Not gay but he is definitely handsome. You are probably a Zorofag or Shanksfag

Yamato is pointless now that Nami is confirmed to have more potent COC than Big Mom.

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>Stopped by Jozu
>Stopped by Vista
>Would have been weaker than Oden if Oden didn't die
>Got his black blade from someone else, didn't create it himself like Ryuma and Oden almost did
>allies with someone that lost to hakiless, gearless Luffy
>Bounty lower than Shanks and Kaido
>Treated like a joke by the marines
>Buggy's henchman
>No feats

>You are probably a Zorofag or Shanksfag
Kek. I'm not even a pisstard. And Oda's characters are all trash.

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Stronger than Shanks.

If you want to see whether a Wanpiss character is designed well, look at the fanart. Not at Oda's scribbles. Of course those are "busy".

>walking clichés.
Because he hasn't had enough panel time doesn't mean he is a no character or whatever you define as walking cliche.He is an endgame boss for Zoro just like BB is for Luffy

>Treated like a joke by the marines

Post Cute and Canon

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I haven't read this series since the timeskip and half your points are wrong or outright made up

ALL of the Straw Hats in one page.

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Funny that you mention Zoro and Luffy. Have they also not had enough panel time? Because they are by far the most unimaginative and clichéd characters of the whole series.

>it was a shitposter

They sent random ships that even Crocodile could beat to his island
How the fuck do you know if you haven't read shit? Fuck off zoomer.

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>he's a 6"4 manlet
mihawkbros.... we got cocky...

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they fucked

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GOAThawk effect.

Kek. Ah, yes, everyone who isn't an Oda bootlicker must be a shitposter, right?

All of Strawhat in one cage

Not to be a doomposter or anything, but the art here isn't very good

why is zoros wanted poster blank?

>Carrot, after taking into account your journeys across two islands, and the fact that you have never once displayed the qualities suited for a leader as you have been following Pedro, Wanda, and that raccoon dog mink for most of your adventures, we have reached a rational decision: we appoint you, 15 year old Carrot, to lead our people to the next era.
>Huh? No way! I can never do that!
>Too late, Carrot, we have already made up your mind.
>But there are other minks more stronger than I am!
>And don’t forget more responsible than you are, too; perfect for the position. Also, we have also decided that rather than just one of us more experienced leaders remaining here with Lord Momonosuke-sama while the other goes with you to Zou to guide you and teach you the ropes, we thought it would make more sense for both of us to remain here while you figure it out for yourself. After all, this is Pedro’s will.
>Uh… that’s a good point to bring up… Pedro told me to move forward with Luffy and the rest.
>Well, Carrot, while Pedro DID never shut the fuck up about wanting to join Roger and his crew when he was young, and while he DID never shut the fuck up about that whole “dawn of the world” nonsense, look at where his dreams led him—blown to smithereens. Clearly Pedro didn’t understand what his own will was, either. So it’s not surprising that there was a misunderstanding.
>But….but Perospero told me to go back home and to chew on grass. Wouldn’t I be doing exactly that by choosing to become lead-
>Let me stop you right there, Carrot. YOU aren’t choosing anything. We are. Second, you won’t JUST be going back home and chewing grass, you will be going back home to chew grass as the DUCHESS! I bet that Perospero didn’t see THAT coming.
>But… what if I miss my friends…? My Choniki?
>Carrot, I assure you that they won’t miss you. Now get going.

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How high is Dragon's bounty?

>Only win in the arc was against a towel

Oda's getting old

As they should be

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>Emperor Strawhat Luffy and his nine commanders

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>KEKhawkBITCH absolutely FUMING at the mere mention of GODKINGnks

6 billions probably

Talk like a human being.

He had consistently good art up until Act 3
Must've been COVID