What do you think of the Megumin spinoff trailer?
Very dramatic and artsy for a comedy series

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nobody cares about megameme anymore, what were they thinking?

I found the source material for part 1 of her spinoff not as memorable, which is all they're adapting I assume. Since the much more interesting part 2 takes place alongside season 3-4


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>nobody cares
Why are you lying?

Is her spinoff so long that they can't adapt it in one season?

Seasons 3s gotta be a year away at least

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can't see shit

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>top comments are all in Spanish

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Pretentious, just like Megumin fags


It's a gag. Like the show is a gag show.

Did Shadow Memelord come out yet?

Megumin is a Chuuni from a community made up entirely of Chunnis, of course it's going to be overdramatic and serious... right up until it isn't because the tonal whiplash is funny.

When is s3?

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This character design makes megumin looks like she's bald and wearing a wig

We'll be getting all 3 volumes adapted for sure. Probably like 4 episodes for each. Hopefully it's setting things up for a potential season 4 which would wrap up the story we're about to begin.

Oh fug, this actually looks good. I'm sorry I doubted you, explosion loli.

megumin will reclaim her throne as otaku loser's favorite waif

>megumin spin-off
It will definitely be good.

>No CHADzuma
>No STACYaqua
>No AMAZONdarkness
>No YunYun' Yunyuns
I sleep.

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Yunyuns in it you dunce

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