Let's Watch Ojamajo Doremi episode 6!

Newcomers and seasoned viewers alike, welcome! Here we watch and discuss Ojamajo Doremi episodes weekly (at least for the time being). Today's episode 6: we are introduced to a classmate with a bad habit of lying. Only as a manner of introduction, I will admit I was a big, big liar at school. Were you?

Season 1, episode 6. Original air date: March 14th, 1999
Usotsuki wa Yūjō no Hajimari
Synopsis: Aiko befriends a girl infamous for lying; something that doesn't bother Aiko until Nobuko comes up with a big lie that she takes personally...

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Off to watch the episode on me. Keep it on life support in the meantime.

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Hey, me too!

Imagine being Onpus english tutor.

Imagine getting to go inside Onpus room and staring at her bare feet.

Imagine Onpu noticing you staring at her tiny toes and offering to walk on your back.

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Nobuko is so cute, her episodes are always a highlight of every season for me.

Remember anons, Kansai-ben is the best dialect, and lying is bad.

Episode 6 and we already got turning into boys with magic? That was fast.

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It has no reason to dally. There's a lot of ground to cover.


I guffaw.

I love Nobuko

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Fuck yeah, Nokuko!

She's a very interesting, popular, weird character. I see why, now.

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Cute, but Nobuko aint there.

Would you buy them?

I would wear them as a shota and make my first stickies in them and wonder why I'm uncontrollably peeing and nervously think about how I'm going to hide and then wash a ruined pair of panties.