Edens Zero Chapter 205 spoilers


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I can't believe that Kleene is fucking dead


Ziggy reveals that Etherion is Rebecca's Ether extracted and amplified, allowing the ship to travel through time; the Four Shining Stars never knew this, since he told them it was just a weapon. He also reveals he comes from Universe 3173, where there wasn't a "Ziggy" to begin with, but the Aoi War still happened and sent him to the future, creating a junction that allowed him to exist in all universes. Universe 3, on the other hand, is separate from the cycle of time. He refuses to explain why he started wanting to destroy humans when he was supposed to save them.

Shiki feels humiliated thinking he'd turn into someone like Ziggy, so he refuses to believe they're even the same person; Ziggy likewise no longer thinks of himself as Shiki, but Ziggy, "King of Machines". Ziggy goes into Overdrive (hunky bod with his old skull face and suspiciously shaped jumbo horns), and vows to kill Shiki, "the ghost of his past", and take Etherion.

On the EZ, Hermit and Sister have listened in on Shiki and Ziggy's conversation. Sister could barely keep up with it all, and Hermit points out a few contradictions: If Ziggy didn't exist in Universe 3173, how did the EZ exist? And how did Rebecca's B-Cube get the EZ's name written on it in the first place? Sister decides to get the answers the easy way from Clown, who's beaten and tied up on the ground. When asked what they're really after, Clown just smirks.

Inside Crow, Laguna fixes Holy's broken arm by using an onion to make her cry and turn it into water (though the pain is still there). They're attacked by an army of robo soldiers cloned from Crow, which they take as a sign that Crow's power source is close. Suddenly they find they can't use EG anymore because Crow has caught Kleene's ship. She flies out before it's crushed, but Crow punches her straight into the ground from several hundred feet in the air. Her last words are "Big brother...I'm sorry..."

Chapter 206: "Traitor"

this is starting to make my head hurt

absolutely bonkers if real

>Kleene ryona
No Mashima. I asked for more Hermit, Rebecca or Holy ryona, mindbreak and PTSD. This isn't part of our agreement.

Wait but what about this panel then? Or was it just used as an example?

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Oh, so that is what she meant

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That hasn't escaped me, and it falls within the contradictions Hermit brought up about the EZ's existence. But from the looks of it, that's a "different" Ziggy who exists because of that junction he mentioned.

At least she's honest.
Still want to fuck her the most out of every EZ girl.

More ryona
More ptsd
More mindbreak

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What I am getting here is that U2 Shiki was sent by the explosion to the Universe 3137 a world where Ziggy doesn’t exist.
This in turn made Ziggy exists in every universes.

>I am sorry… brother
Oh no no no kleenefags

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>she says, with a smile and a blush.

She smiled when U1 Shiki was walking to his impending doom.
That one moment of her not smiling is more concerning desu. (The one where she said Shiki vs Ziggy will be settle)

>She flies out before it's crushed, but Crow punches her straight into the ground from several hundred feet in the air. Her last words are "Big brother...I'm sorry..."
So, another universe jump soon?

Kleene is an anagram of Kneeel

>U3 Shiki telling Ziggy that he will be like him
Oh definitely.

Personally, I am okay with her death.
She is irrelevant anyway.

He won’t be like him