What's with the trend of growing chests in anime?

All anime nowadays seem to feature some big chested girls, most of which are big chested despite being young teens and have never had any children before. Why can't they just be normal school girls?

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Is the second pic for real?

there should be only big chested girls and flat chested girls, nothing in between

Careful. If your chest starts growing spontaneously, it's most probably a mimic.

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>breasted girls in anime is a new trend
Is this some zoomer joke cause I don't get it

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If it is after the millennium shift it is recent.

Weeping onions: Your anime girls are totally unrealistic.
Anime Chad: I know.

I honestly believe some people shouldn't be allowed to watch anime

Good question. I just know that is fucking annoying

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

sauce for right image? Episode?

imagine unironically making this then posting it

Betting just an edit

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>why isn't anime realistic
Newfag begone

>dosen't know eva
How new

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If Yui had tits like this maybe Shinji wouldn't have been so weak

it is realistic though
the average breast size in japan has been steadily increasing for the last 50 years

A sign of God's existence

it's what happens when there's nothing actually interesting happening in that show, sort of forced animation

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it's just hormones in the food and water

Zoomers have never seen boobs in real life. All their women are either so fat that it just blends together roughly feminist bitches that ruin any semblance of beauty our some spite full need to assert control.

If anything there has been an ever increasing presence of No-tits/loli-esc characters in otaku media, which isn't really saying much; over time the flavors of harem girls have gotten defined and set in stone, so now everything has them because its easy for the creators to say, "oh hey let's make this one into the flat chest," even when its not a harem show.

she just stuffed her bra with loafs of bread to keep on deck for when she needs more toast

During my highschool years i've seen a good amount of big tittied girls.

mutt thread
Also Rei is #1 no matter the chest size

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rei is pretty stacked in her plugsuit

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