Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii

Is golf really more important to Japan than Lilith's show? Does her show deserve to be pre-empted by golf of all things?

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I miss Jahy

Nothing is more important than golf.

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Japan is the negative mirror universe version of the UK. So, yes.

Eating ramen > having a beer > japanese baseball > japanese golf especially if there are some hot golf girls > some random mediocre seasonal anime

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I miss Birdie Wing

I can't wait for the next cour where fully mecha Rose makes her reappearance.

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I remember Arc-V got preempted by ping pong. Guess any quote-unquote sport will do.

That meido seems to be pouting while spying around a corner...
That's really suspicious!

What the fuck, are her gloves made of latex? Ayashii...

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What is wrong with latex?

It’s a bit sus…

I thought people hated Arc-V to begin with.

Why didn't more people like Jahy?

I want to make Lilith a mom.

Are maids actually this common in Japan?

How do we get more animated Jahy?

What kind of name is Lilith anyway?

This anime made me hate golf.

It's not really.

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Alright sussy-maidbros, 1 minute to air.

It is a bit sus to wait at the school like this Lilith.

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This can probably be edited later into something more suspicious

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