What the fuck

what the fuck

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She is a natural cuckquean. Did you think her voyeurism was a cute and innocent trait or something? Sakura getting plowed in front of her while tears stream down her face is her greatest desire.

American fingers typed this

8 year olds don't know what love is

What's so special about sacockra? You can build your own harems with little effort, Daidouji-kun.

she is THE loli

There needs to be a doujin where Tomoyo films Sakura's wedding night with Shaoran
CCS is absolutely filled with fetishes, it's on purpose

Was it just me that felt like the seiyuu sounded extremely old in Crystal?

What is love?

baby don't hurt me

that's because they are extremely old, user

Don't hurt me... No more.

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This is the definition of true and pure love where you love the person regardless of what they do (Ai)

Do you have the VEG edit?

No dice, that's the only one I've got

No it's cope

Opppsite would be the selfish kind of love koi

It's more like she doesn't want to be like her mother, bitter and obsessed over a girl she can't have.
Speaking of bitter and obsessed.

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nigga all love is selfish love is instinct after all

So that's why Umineko never mentions "ai" and always "koi", sasuga Ryukishi

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How is loving someone even if they don't love you back selfish?