Made in Abyss insights and metaphors

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Earlier I was reflecting on Wazukyan.
>Wazu/Bondo are two sides of the same coin. Men of Faith and Science that will do anything for their dreams to come true
>Their designs reflect that too, Wazu looks like a wild Saint while Bondo is similar to a futuristic cyborg.
>Wazu is a fictional Moses that leads his people to salvation
>the Ganja expedition is very similar to the jews as they are scorned by the countries that host them and frequently rejected (in the Bible at least) and need a Promised land
>The village is literally Israel
>Irumyiuii is a de facto Jahwe that judges its inhabitants with swift justice for their sins
>At the same time, money and value is central to the village (lol)

I would really like to hear what the whole journey of Riko symbolises, and ideas on the Abyss itself.

Please keep manga spoiler hidden

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>Maa's left hand looks like a rectal prolapse on purpose that only Tsukushi himself understands the true meaning of.

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Riko is the light of the abyss, Wazukyan is just a struggler who failed his endeavour.

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>what the whole journey of Riko symbolises
The adventurous impulse that used to drive humanity and made life worth living, a feeling that is worth risking death.

wondering if it's going to pull an HxH. not in terms of hiatus even if it's close but more like: riko finds her mum but then she's not satisfied and somehow wants to push through meaning lyza was never the deeper drive like says

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Those units deserved better. They were only following their programming.

Why does she stretch in the scene then, huh user?

They were the ones that caused all that

Same reason wazukyan has disney bad guy smirk

Because Irumyui filled her with spite and rage.