Just what the fuck was her problem?

Just what the fuck was her problem?

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unproductive income from rent.

no dicking

landlords are parasites

Unearned income makes you non-human.


She was really attracted to Jahy unironically wanted to have sex with Jahy and she did when she got drunk but she was too afraid of coming out as homosexual so she vented it into her frustration towards Jahy as her indebtor(?)
The manga glosses this over anyways

She’s lonely and needs a bf.

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she's cute


Her sister made her take in an ungrateful gremlin who refuses to pay renbts. Also breast envy.

Flatter than her sister.

Landlords are unironically proof that the communists were right.

Her sister.

Landleech living off a piece of paper from the government rather than her own labour.

Also she's a lesbian lolicon that uses alcohol as an excuse to molest small Jahy and sometimes big Jahy, rather than just confess to Jahy that she loves her and her choco body.

But National Socialists hate landlords.
Do you really want to agree with Nazis? Do you think NAZIS were right?

You now realize that antisemitism is thinly veiled anti-capitalism, coated in a thick layer of racism to hide the fact.

>piece of paper from the govt
Rent is still due in 3 days.

Nazis wanted to bring back feudalism. The ultimate form of Landlords.

It's a tool of capitalists to make sure rubes don't turn against the system. It's why the Nazis were funded entirely by industrialists.

fuck off commies, this is an anime board

>But National Socialists hate landlords.
The ones who got Hitler into power were the non-Jewish landlords and industrialists, Any Forumsshit.

Jahy trying to prove she doesn't need to pay up because Hitler existed.

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>Jahy rents
>Maid Jahy maids for F R E E
Does Oppai also have some housing problems?

Maid Jahy just needs to /ss/ for her housing.

Isn't that what Salwa is for?