Why is she still a virgin at 29?

Why is she still a virgin at 29?

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Can you imagine?


she's lying


This bitch was obviously lying and just telling the dude exactly what he wanted to hear.

It's uncommon, but there are women like that. I knew a woman who was 10 years older than me. Still a virgin and single. Dunno what her problem was.

Well if he fucked her, he'd know for sure.
Wasn't she his boss though? Sounds like a bad idea to fuck your boss.

if she's very religious and not married then it's reasonably likely

because she lied if you're as dork as yoshida you would believe her this show is centred on characters lies.

I don't think that was the case. From what my mom told me about her, she just couldn't be bothered to go out and meet guys, and then her youth was gone.

literally me(female)

Just go play 1room. It's superior to this shitshow in every way.

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I mean I'm a 27 year old virgin, so if she's a female introvert I can get it.
Are the people ITT who are acting surprised actually fucking non-virgins? Gross.

Literally me.

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Same. fml

MC is a fucking pussy, like she literally offered herself to be checked if she really is still a virgin or not but nope.

Vaginas are kinda icky. You shouldn't look at them if you can avoid it.

We’re not gay, bro.

This. Avoid the gaze of the medusa.

Claiming to actually like the aesthetics of vaginas is a tell-tale sign of faggotry.

My aunt almost made it to 31, before I stepped up.