Season one Pokegirls are gorgeous!

Season one Pokegirls are gorgeous!

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Pokémon is the most underrated anime.
It does every chibi face Rayearth already did before it.
Early on during Indigo League they had Misty do them all the time.
80s anime wasn't already doing any of anime's "clichés"
The closest you'll find are Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, and Urusei Yatsura.
DBZ started off way more serious, so you see way less of it there
until you get episodes where Gohan and Piccolo have to get their driver's license.
80s anime never does wacky chibi faces right.
Most 80s anime girls have mopey looking dollfaces like Kyoko Otonashi or Noriko.
Most 90s anime girls have way feistier faces
and are always doing stupid shit like smacking each other with fans.
UY is the closest you'll find to 80s doing that and it never gets it right when it does.

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Alola a best.

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I always thought even the original was a bit dull looking.

They had James wearing a boobsuit, western popularity babbified it.

I meant just in general. It's just a very drab looking show.

drab > glaring
cels > digital

The red head with the ponytail is the cufest of the bunch. Does she have more art?

Kill marry fuck

I doubt it. Do they even have names?

Because Takeshi Shudo the scriptwriter was still alive when Pokemon Season 1 aired.

Galar is superior.

kys Alolafag
Your girls suck!

>Every Season Pokegirl are gorgeous

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>first season of pokemon to this day has no english subtitles for use with jap audio

Alola girls in the style of Season 1 would be divine

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To me it made the world look more dreamy, for lack of a better word. It really enhanced the feeling that you were looking at a different world

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Sieyo(Giselle) as beautiful.

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Ash's first and only crush

And Brock, who was at least 16, was lusting over a 10 year old.

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Sugimori is a god. The fact that his art, teeming with his unbridled lust for young girls, helped create the biggest IP of all time will never not be funny to me

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