I don't get it

Why did Piccolo wait 20 years to see about having his potential unlocked? I know this series is filled with plotholes but this one is the most absurd.

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Is this where he kills Gamma 2? I don't want to watch the movie, but the Gammas are cute.

They hand wave it by saying that Piccolo has too much pride. That's the reason they site when Dende says they should just uses the Shenron's wishes to destory the Gammas and the Red Ribbon Army.

Because after the Android Saga Piccolo was vastly overshadowed by Goku and Vegeta like the rest of the non-saiyan Z-Fighters so there was no point.

This on the other hand doesn't make sense. You'd expect this kind of bullshit from Goku and Vegeta since they love fighting more than anything else but Piccolo is supposed to be the facts and logic guy of the group and would rather solve things as quickly as possible.

He feels like it is a cheap way to get stronger.

He didn't expect that huge of a boost and figured Goku and Vegeta weren't going to be caught up to, especially after the Buu saga.

Because Dragon Ball is stupid and it's power boosts and training never made sense.

he diesn't kill any of the gammas. He helps them realize Red Ribbon are the bad guys, then when Cell Max gets unleashed Gamma #2 sacrifices himself using all of his remaining energy to try and kill him in one blow before he can escape and start slaughtering civilians

Oh ok, thanks.

Piccolo stopped training properly when he abandoned the purpose of the demon clan of conquering earth. He had this instinct until the Cell saga, he clearly says it, but after the defeat of Cell he went to live with Dende in the sanctuary, and there he focused on meditation and study more than training.

He didn't need it before. It was an act of desperation because he might have wound up being the only available fighter.
Besides, the Namekian potential unlock is a one-time thing if I recall. Since you can eventually surpass it anyway, why waste a free power boost when you could save it for later when it's needed?

The real answer though is simply that Piccolo didn't think of it until Super Hero.
Consistent in Dragon Ball is that characters only get sudden power-ups when they need them, with the exception of SSJay3 (unless I'm forgetting something).

So this means nameks have the slowest power scaling?

The potential unlock, from the way I figure it, gives you a power up based on your current power level. So if he did it during Buu, or the Androids, or other arcs like that, he'd be significantly weaker. This was his, "in case of emergency, break glass" moment. That probably creates some plot holes unto itself, though.

>but Piccolo is supposed to be the facts and logic guy
Not really. He's only facts and logic AFTER he fused with Kami. Before that he was as much of a fight junkie as Goku was. Remember and the Z-Fighters did not really go against Goku and Vegeta's wish to fight the Androids.

What I don't understand is why all the cinemas near me shitcanned the subbed version the moment my friendgroup was finally ready to go to the cinema together.

>Why did Piccolo wait 20 years to see about having his potential unlocked?
Pride. Piccolo is a warrior at heart. The concept of getting a free power boost goes completely against his principles unlike Gohan who's a cheap slut.

If he did then probably he would be just as lazy as gohan.

Similar to why he waited so long before he decided to fuse with Kami despite not wanting to. He eventually had no choice until he had to save the earth.

That's not what a plothole is.

For the same reason Toriyama did not give him Kaioken despite training with Goku, Toriyama does not think and dragonball is only consistent at being incosistent.

because the creator felt like giving him a power boost because he likes the character and wants to use him more often. He doesn't give a fuck a bout power scaling or about power levels for that matter and he's a old man at the top of it so he's at the age where he just does stuff because he can. The franchise will get raped when he soon dies anyways so who gives a shit, let's do what he wants without any faggot editor telling him what to do