ITT did nothing girls

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Stuck up bitch looking at her nails an shiet

Inaction is not a crime

Look, if I'm a wizard, and I'm walking through some fucked up kaffir lands why is it my job to save the locals from fucking their own people up? No. It's not my job to save the world. I'm just passing through, I'll take note that this land is barbaric and move on.

is that the burger girl

it is haha

sexy witch

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Turns dicks to stone.

She's not the perfect girl, but she's close.

Elaina is literally the most hated girl on Any Forums and for good reason, she's a terrible person.

I wanna fugg her hat

>literally the most hated girl on Any Forums

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>the most hated girl on reddit and ANN

Do you mean most loved girl?

She canonically did a lot of old women for money

And no, just because she forgot does not erase how much of a whore she is

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What could she do against this spam?

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elaina is fully justified in her actions

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Can you blame her? The one time she tried to do something, it almost got her killed.

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What did she do wrong again?