Is Japan correct in saying that Germans are sluts?

Is Japan correct in saying that Germans are sluts?

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yes except not only germans but westoids in general

so is you gonna drop the sauce or nah?

that's an otoko-no-ko

>no scat
Not german

>only after eating each other's poop will they start dating
What is wrong with fucking G*rmans?

According to Hetalia, they have lots of bestiality porn.

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>he doesn't know

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It's an easy way to check if your partner is healthy or not.

>look up scat porn
>99% of them are speaking japanese or english
explain yourself

>look up scat porn
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Any Forums bro, this is what happens after almost 20 years of visiting this website

I've been stuck in this shithole since 2007 and the only thing I picked up is a gyaru and NTR corruption fetish don't blame Any Forums for your (literal) shit taste.

nah thats a roach thing

>NTR corruption fetish
you have no room to look down on others then, that is worse than literally eating feces

No, NTR corruption is TASTEFUL.

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i've been here since 2011 and have picked up zero (0) fetishes. If anything I've lost fetishes after seeing what they do to someone over many years of self conducted pavlovian conditioning

My generation sacrificed itself so you can learn from our mistakes. Appreciate my sacrifice

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Based Purification Ritual

Pretty sure the author is making shit up.

Why isn't this more common? Its usually someone good being turned or mind controlled into bad.

Because it's boring as fuck compared to degeneration and also an edit.

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